From commercials to live announcing, from video games to narration, the women you’ll hear interviewed in The B-Hive are among the best voice actors in the country. They entice from our television and radio speakers, they battle in our Play-Stations and X-Boxes, they instruct from our phones, tablets and computers. These are the women who possess the voices behind the products you buy, the video game characters you love, and the radio stations you rely on.

Listen in as we discover more about these eclectic women: where they’re from and where they’re going; how they got started and what matters to them most. And if you’re a voice actor, male or female, you’ll pick up invaluable tips and inspiring insights along the way.

These are the unsung experts whose voices you know but whose names you may not; the women who persevere and creatively thrive in a world dominated by men, in the mercurial and elusive field of Voice Over. Get to know them in…

~The B-Hive~

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