Mary Lynn Wissner

Mary Lynn Wissner is one of the preeminent voice casting agents in Los Angeles. She’s been casting for over 25 years and cut her teeth in the biz with voiceover legends like Don Pitts and Bob Lloyd. Now if you’re a voice actor and don’t recognize those names, you’ve got a little homework to do!

Never one rest on her laurels, Mary Lynn has consistently adapted to the ever changing landscape of voiceover, and as a result has built a reputation for keeping her finger on the pulse of just about every genre in the field. She even developed an app for voice actors called The Voice Over Self Direction App available for iOS and Android. She created the Meet The Pros and Meet The Agent workshops through her company, Voices Voice Casting, available to working voice actors, providing them the opportunity to learn different skills and gain professional insights from the best of the best. Mary Lynn is an advocate of the highest order for both her clients and the many voice actors she has cast and come to love over the course of her career.

Melanie Minichino

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Spider Girl! That’s right! Melanie Minichino is Ana Corazon aka Spider Girl on the New Marvel SpiderMan on Disney XD. Melanie Minichino is also Queen Isabella on Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and has been the promo voice of Disney Junior for 7 years. She also plays Agent Fortune in Agents of Mayhem, which of course is near and dear to my heart. 😉 This young woman has some great stories to tell, and we even talk about childbirth. Who knew we’d get so personal! Join us, won’t you? You’ll love getting to know her, I promise.

Tina Morasco

Voice actor Tina Morasco has a fascinating story. She began her career in voiceover as an agent at two prestigious talent agencies in New York City. Hers is a most unique perspective and one you’ll definitely want to hear! She is best known for her work on the insanely popular Love It or List It series of home makeover shows on HGTV. You know I try to edit my podcasts to about 40 minutes, but I’m telling you every story from Tina is CHOICE and is worth the hour spent listening. I’m sure you’ll agree!

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