Jennifer Hale

Jennifer Hale is a force of nature. Seriously. Check out her imdb page and you’ll understand why she’s called the most prolific voice actress of all time in the genre of video gaming. Her animation credits are pretty astounding, too. And if there were websites for successful commercial careers, well she’d be at the top of that one as well! Not only is she an amazing actor, but she’s a woman fascinated by life who loves rock climbing and investing in real estate. She’s beautiful inside and out, and I’m willing to bet that after listening to this podcast, you’ll see why she is so beloved among all her compatriots in the field of voice acting.

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Chris Anthony Lansdowne

Chris Anthony Lansdowne: a sweeter, kinder person you shall not meet. It’s totally fitting, Providential even, that she was the first ever voice of Barbie, friend to millions upon millions of little kids everywhere, as well as the singular host of the long running, hugely popular radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. Chris is a woman with a huge heart and is a light in the darkness, I can testify. Her greatest joy is being a role model to kids. Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of being a voice actor, and what it’s like to voice an ICON!



Cissy Jones

Aaaaah… Cissy Jones. Such beauty. Such talent. She’s been in this town less than 6 years and has taken it by storm. You gamers will know Cissy from The Walking Dead series of video games, and most recently from her BAFTA Award winning performance as Delilah in Firewatch. Cissy is perhaps the fiercest female voice actor I’ve met. Don’t let this relaxed, contemplative podcast fool you. Cissy’s got your number.

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Nicole Balick

I can pretty much guarantee you’ve heard the voice of Nicole Balick. She was the voice of The Style Network for over a decade, which, if you know anything about the vo biz, is a minor miracle and testament to her staying power. She has voiced national network tv commercials too numerous to put in print, and when you buy Shell gasoline, listen up. She’s the one talking to you there on the screen at the pump! Nicole is effortlessly charming, with a rich textured voice, and I gotta say, she gave the best answer so far to the last question in my infamous B-Hive Roulette game at the end of each podcast. You’ll have to listen all the way to the end to hear, but trust me, you’ll have a good time getting there. Love me some Nicole Balick.

Nicole Balick Website

Rebecca Davis

Really there’s only one word to describe Rebecca Davis: Effervescent. And her voice, as refreshing as a cold pop on a hot August afternoon, follows suit.  So it makes perfect sense that she is the inaugural recipient of the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Spirit Award, sponsored by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.  Rebecca volunteers for Young Storytellers, mentoring low-income elementary school students to discover the power of their own voices through the art of storytelling. She works actively with the nonprofit organization, Women In Animation, serving as its Co-Chair. And when she’s not busy volunteering for all sorts of great causes, she can actually be heard doing voiceover things! She’s been narrating Vanity Fair’s monthly audio magazine (available on for a few years now, and is thrilled to be voicing her first recurring role, that of Fiona, the big brassy new girl in town, in the animated series Lego Friends available on Oh, and word has it she can’t ride a bicycle. Judging from a rather endearing story she tells in the podcast, I’m guessing that might actually be true. But when you’re as buoyantly charming and talented as Rebecca Davis, who needs a bicycle?

Rebecca Davis Website

Virginia Hamilton

Virginia Hamilton. Lordy, this woman is a gas to hang out with. With pockets bursting with TV affiliate stations, high profile promo gigs, and a myriad of movie trailers under her belt, Virginia’s well on her way to ruling the voiceover genres where mostly men dominate.  Lock the children away for this podcast. We’ve got some adult themes – addressed in the most childish manner, mind you, but adult nonetheless!

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Rena-Marie Villano

One of 2016’s prestigious Benztown 50, Rena-Marie Villano comes to a well-rounded career in voice over via her years of work in Radio. She images stations on Sirius Satellite Radio and radio stations all over the country, including here in Los Angeles, where you can hear her on  ALT 98-7 – L.A.’s New Alternative. As a promo voice, she’s been heard on EPIX, DIY Network, and HGTV. She has also worked for The Weather Channel, NBC, The CW and MGM HD. She was the Live Announcer for The Game Awards 2016, and narrated Peggy Noonan’s audiobook “The Time of Our Lives: Collected Writings” which she calls an amazing and transformative experience. Rena-Marie’s career is rich with perseverance, tenacity, focus, and determination.  When it comes to voice actors who put their heads down, shoulder-to-the-wheel, simply for the love of the work, Rena-Marie is the real deal.

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Yeni Alvarez

Cuban born, Spanish voice actor Yeni Alvarez is a force of nature, and a whirlwind of positivity and effortless charm. She is known for her roles as Carmela in the long running Disney cartoon series, Handy Manny (one of my daughter’s favorite’s,) Viperine in the TV movie version of the ever popular Monster High franchise: Frights, Camera, Action!, and is heard everyday by hundreds of thousands as the Spanish Voice of Disney Theme Parks worldwide (please keep your arms and legs inside the boat at all times – but… you know… in Spanish!)  So ya, that’s her on It’s A Small World, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, etc, etc, etc! How cool is that? I don’t know about you, but I’ve got #disneyenvy! Yeni also tells of her rather harrowing journey from Cuba to the U.S. as a young child, and how gratitude and the decision to be happy play a huge part in her success. I loved getting to know Yeni, and I’m certain you will, too.

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