Reframing Failure

This is the first of a two part series. Today’s podcast is all about failure, and next week’s will be all about looking ahead to 2018.

Failure. Ya. Everybody goes through it. And believe it or not it is the cornerstone of success. That’s taken me a while to understand, but I’ve really found it to be true. Yet somehow whenever we experience a failure, we think perhaps we are the only ones who do, that every successful person must lead a charmed life void of any stumbling blocks. So, to help eradicate that myth, I’ve asked a collection of Women in Voiceover to share their own experiences of failure, how it has shaped them, and how they’ve used a less than stellar event to shape their goals, their work ethic, and their approach to life. The stories here vary in their degree of “intensity,” if you will, but all of the experiences shared here are uniquely valuable and transformative. My hope is that you will discover that your own failures can serve you in positive and productive ways if you are willing to reframe and learn from them.

Huge thanks to the women who participated in this podcast for their willingness to be vulnerable and share some of their most difficult moments.

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