A Coupl’a Drones In The Hive!

What? Men in the B-Hive? Sacrilege! Nonetheless, here they are. Two of the most prolific voice actors of their generation, and two of the kindest friends I’ve known. Please welcome Townsend Coleman and Thom Pinto from the podcast studio at VO Atlanta 2018.

The creator of VO Atlanta, Gerald Griffith, asked me to host my own podcast while in attendance at the conference, and I threw a curve ball by inviting two distinguished male voice actors in to the Hive. A woman’s prerogative, I say!

We do a lot of reminiscing – ’cause we’re old-school like that – but there are a few good lessons in here, as well. With time, comes wisdom 🙂 These are two men who’d never want you to put them on a pedestal, and prove it by sharing not only their successes, but their struggles. What a privilege to have them as guests.

I’ll be back next time with more WOMEN in voiceover! In the meantime, enjoy these two gems.

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