Kirsten Krohn

Well, here we are, back with our first guest in the B-Hive after a year-long hiatus! Thanks, all of you, for your patience! It’s been quite a year!

Now, in truth, I recorded this podcast with Kirsten well over a year ago, so there may be some outdated bits of info, but let’s not sweat the small stuff, okay? The essence of the podcast remains!

Kirsten Krohn is my first guest in the Hive hailing from NYC and the first guest I’ve actually never met in person. She is a VO powerhouse, my friends. At it for over 20 years, Kirsten landed one of the first voiceover jobs she ever auditioned for – as the national brand voice for General Nutrition Centers. She quickly added Strawberry Jello and Godiva to her ‘menu’ of jobs. Today, her repertoire includes a multitude of national campaigns, promos, children’s books and narrations for Lifetime, The Discovery Channel, The Smithsonian Channel, HBO, and others.

In between voice gigs, Kirsten has also had success with on-camera commercial campaigns and has appeared in webisodes, performed in local community shows and continued her theatrical education with periodic classes at HB Studio, People’s Improv Theater and continued learning through private coaching.

Her most prized creations, however, are her four sons: Caleb, Simon, Oliver, and Asher.

Kirsten grew up in the suburbs of New York City and now lives back in the New York Metro region with her husband, Douglas, a pediatrician, and their family.

Kirsten has an AMAZING presence of mind, heart, and soul, and aside from her remarkable talent, brings a cool head to her vo business. There are some stellar gems in this one. Take a listen! 

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