Susan Palyo

Susan Palyo has been working for Voicetrax West since 1990 and has been the resident demo producer since 1996. Susan grew up in Springfield, Illinois. Her passion for music led her to believe that pursuing a degree in Commercial Music from Millikin University in Decatur, IL would be a great idea since she wanted a job where she didn’t have to wear a dress. Shortly after graduating, Susan packed up her car and drove to Los Angeles to pursue a career in recording.

Susan landed at the famed Cherokee music studios as an assistant engineer. She got to meet lots of cool celebrities, and she didn’t have to wear a dress. But, the pay didn’t measure up. So, she looked around and landed the position of head engineer at Voice Trax West. After engineering loads of commercial sessions and assisting in demo production under Thom Pinto and Cindy Akers, Susan became the full-time demo producer. Since then she has produced hundreds of demos for many aspiring and successful VO actors including Grey Delisle, Debi Derryberry, Robert Clotworthy, and Stew Herrera. Her demos are respected by all of the top VO agencies in town for their quality and contemporary style.

Susan also has a great reputation as an instructor and director and teaches workshops and private studies in commercial and animation voiceover. Susan lives in the San Fernando Valley with her husband, daughter, 3 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 hamsters. She even wears a skirt once in a while.

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