Rebecca Riedy

Hanging out with Rebecca Riedy is like drinking your favorite cocktail on the deck of the Titanic and not caring a whit because you’re laughing so hard. Wait. I’m not sure that came out right. What I mean to say is that she’s so bloody fun to hang out with, your life could be going to hell in a handbasket and you couldn’t care less because she makes you forget who you are! I’m not sure that came out right either, but you get my meaning: She’s a great hang. You’ve heard her announce the Emmys and the Grammys. You’ve heard her on those hilarious spoof spots on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Now meet the affable and entertaining Rebecca Reidy in the B-Hive.

Rebecca Riedy

Rebecca Riedy Serial Creativist

Nancy Wolfson VO Coaching

Carroll Day Kimball VO Casting


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