Rena-Marie Villano

One of 2016’s prestigious Benztown 50, Rena-Marie Villano comes to a well-rounded career in voice over via her years of work in Radio. She images stations on Sirius Satellite Radio and radio stations all over the country, including here in Los Angeles, where you can hear her on  ALT 98-7 – L.A.’s New Alternative. As a promo voice, she’s been heard on EPIX, DIY Network, and HGTV. She has also worked for The Weather Channel, NBC, The CW and MGM HD. She was the Live Announcer for The Game Awards 2016, and narrated Peggy Noonan’s audiobook “The Time of Our Lives: Collected Writings” which she calls an amazing and transformative experience. Rena-Marie’s career is rich with perseverance, tenacity, focus, and determination.  When it comes to voice actors who put their heads down, shoulder-to-the-wheel, simply for the love of the work, Rena-Marie is the real deal.

Rena-Marie Villano website

Benztown 50

Marice Tobias VO Coaching

Mary Lynn Wissner Voice Casting and Coaching

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