Rebecca Davis

Really there’s only one word to describe Rebecca Davis: Effervescent. And her voice, as refreshing as a cold pop on a hot August afternoon, follows suit.  So it makes perfect sense that she is the inaugural recipient of the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Spirit Award, sponsored by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.  Rebecca volunteers for Young Storytellers, mentoring low-income elementary school students to discover the power of their own voices through the art of storytelling. She works actively with the nonprofit organization, Women In Animation, serving as its Co-Chair. And when she’s not busy volunteering for all sorts of great causes, she can actually be heard doing voiceover things! She’s been narrating Vanity Fair’s monthly audio magazine (available on for a few years now, and is thrilled to be voicing her first recurring role, that of Fiona, the big brassy new girl in town, in the animated series Lego Friends available on Oh, and word has it she can’t ride a bicycle. Judging from a rather endearing story she tells in the podcast, I’m guessing that might actually be true. But when you’re as buoyantly charming and talented as Rebecca Davis, who needs a bicycle?

Rebecca Davis Website

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