Chris Anthony Lansdowne

Chris Anthony Lansdowne: a sweeter, kinder person you shall not meet. It’s totally fitting, Providential even, that she was the first ever voice of Barbie, friend to millions upon millions of little kids everywhere, as well as the singular host of the long running, hugely popular radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. Chris is a woman with a huge heart and is a light in the darkness, I can testify. Her greatest joy is being a role model to kids. Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of being a voice actor, and what it’s like to voice an ICON!



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  1. I can remember an early 90s Disney radio program in which various VAs did fun character interviews/interactions with the host. One week had the actress who voiced Cinderella as the guest. (Apologies; I’m having trouble finding out who that was at the time. I don’t think it was Jennifer Hale.). She felt the responsibility to always keep the character of Cinderella “in character” at all times and would never say anything as Cinderella that she didn’t feel Cinderella would do or say.

    Ms. Lansdowne reminds me of that interview. It is really awesome to hear a VA treat their characters with as much respect and integrity as they would any real person.


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